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The Hall of Fame

There’s a dierence between being a standout contestant and an iconic one. Winning it all helps—so does playing by your own set of rules. These six players were up to the task.

Richard Hatch Whether you admired his gameplay or despised it, there’s no dispute that the guy invented the Reality Competition Villain. See: The OG season in Borneo, where he understood that winning the $1 million would require some master manipulation. His wide-eyed fellow castaways, from Gretchen Cordy to Sean Kenni, never saw it coming.

Tony Vlachos Give it up for the GOAT, who already wowed fans when he built covert “spy shacks” in camp during his time on Cagayan and plotted a hard- earned game of deception, chaos, and shocks en route to victory. To up the ante, the energetic and crafty idol hunter snared the most recent Winners at War title without a single vote cast against him.

Sandra Diaz-Twine The self-dubbed “queen” earned her crown by becoming the game’s first two-time winner (for Pearl Islands and Heroes vs. Villains )—and she pulled o the feat without dominating any challenges or scouring the island for idols. Instead, the no-nonsense player simply refused to back down from her more vindictive tribemates. Long may she reign!

Rob Mariano Crazy to think the man known as Boston Rob didn’t even make the jury during his debut in Marquesas . He’s spent more time playing Survivor than anyone else, doing everything from falling in love (in All- Stars ) to controlling his tribe (in Redemption Island , which he won) to serving as a guru ( Island of the Idol s). And he did it all with a mischievous smile.





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