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And when you have to follow the breadcrumbs, sit with informa- tion, and look in the crosshairs for so long ... it’s hard on the soul and on the body. Why do you think women make good forensic detectives? PN: Women are good at doing five tasks at a time. Also because of our large corpus callosum, we can do work from both sides of our brain. We can make the dinner, balance the checkbook, and keep an eye on the woman who is flirting with your man. Share some intel about Jorja and Mandeep. PN: After I heard Mandeep was cast, I found her on Instagram and asked her to dinner. She loves her bread and butter and salt! I love working with her because she’s a fun millennial. I still have to

ask her how to post something on social media! Jorja is kind, smart, and considerate. I’m grateful that she’s been part of the show for so long and knows the ins and outs. It’s a huge benefit. Specifically, what makes Jorja a good leader? PN: In my experience, women leaders don’t say, “Follow me.” They wait for the question mark and say, “This is what I did. I like that but you may find an- other solution.” Jorja leads like that. When we’re in a scene and everybody has a dierent idea, she’ll say, “Sidebar, come on over!” And then she sits there and holds the space while we figure it out. I appreciate that.

“In my experience, women leaders don’t say, ‘Follow me.’ They wait for the question mark and say, ‘This is what I did. I like that but you may nd another solu- tion.’” —PAULA NEWSOME

You started your career onstage in the musical Carousel , so your singing and dancing skills are well-established. What’s your secret talent? PN: I’m a really good baker. My specialty is a meringue. I can also bake croissants and do gluten-free options. It’s just fun for me. I hosted a cast dinner early on so we could all spend time together without the added pressure of shooting. Confess: What’s your craziest Vegas experience? PN: When we were shooting last month on Fremont Street, a woman was standing there wearing nothing but pasties and a thong and holding a cell phone. She had painted a circle around her, maybe a yard-wide in diameter, like it was going to protect her. That was enough for me! I’m from Chicago! We don’t do like that. But hey, I assume it was like a billboard for her services. /



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