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The wardrobe closet at The Young and the Restless studio

EACH CHARACTER HAS A CLOSET “And their own color palette, too, which we stick to very faithfully. We put just as much thought into building a clean, simple wardrobe for one character as we do into creating a more eclectic one for another, with lots of accessories and pattern mix- ing. When putting Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) looks together, I’ll ask my team if they think an earring is too much, and the response is always no, because she’s such a powerful force that nothing ever wears her. The rule for Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) is to go asymmetrical—her clothes are often off- the-shoulder tops, wrap blouses, and one- sleeve dresses. Victoria (Amelia Heinle) is influenced by the Victorian era but updated and not costume-y at all—high necks, puffed sleeves, a cummerbund at the waist. “There are a lot of elements involved in dressing Sharon (Sharon Case), which makes it super fun. She has more pieces in her wardrobe than anyone because her style is a boho mix of a camisole with three necklaces, a jacket with fur, plus tights and boots. For Amanda, we researched how she dressed before and brainstormed how to empower her new character in a different way. I’d describe her wardrobe as having a soft Grecian or 1930s feel, but modern at the same time.”

DayDreamer Emmy-winning The Young and the Restless costume designer David Zyla spills his wardrobe secrets. BY MEIRAV DEVASH

Amanda (Mishael Morgan) is never going to show up looking like Mariah (Camryn Grimes).” To craft a look that makes sense in the Y&R universe, Zyla lets the clothes help tell the story. “If it’s a sexy scene and the character is coming from work in the emer- gency room,” he says, “you can’t dress her in a strapless cocktail dress, but she can wear a sweater that illustrates sexiness in that moment. If there’s a scene written for a character lurking in the shadows, covered in blood, you have to dress him in a light- color shirt so viewers can see it.” Zyla let us in on some of his style secrets:

A ND WE THOUGHT PICKING costume designer David Zyla is responsible for dressing a huge, beloved cast of char- acters—approximately 2,000 outfits a year. Every character has their own color palette, their clothes are tailored for a custom fit, out something to wear was chal- lenging. At 250 episodes per sea- son, The Young and the Restless and they never—ever—repeat outfits. While that may sound daunting, Zyla loves his work. “Dressing each character is fascinating because they’re so well written,” he says. “My job is to find the clothes to illuminate their individual personalities.

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