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now and then I’d look over and think, “Wait a minute … it’s just me and Prince here?” NT: I think it was the day that I came in and the receptionist told me I had flowers. I said, “OK, bring them up.” And they said, “No, no, no, you have to come down.” And I see this bouquet, no, it was more like a bushel or tree, I don’t know. And I hadn’t even seen the card, but I immediately

ET EARWORM Dah-dah-dah-dah— dah-dah ! Composer Michael Mark looks back on his iconic theme.

I was in New York, where I’ve had my career doing submissions for jingles and underscoring, things like that. When you were doing a commercial or a theme song, it was kind of a standard convention to see if you could write something that had the rhythm of the product or the name of the show. So when they told

me the title, I was trying to do something that sounded like (sings) En-ter-tain-ment To-night ! I probably spent two weeks sitting at a piano until I finally ended up with that string of notes. My wife, Mary, and I sit down at 7:30, and we watch Entertainment Tonight . Every time a celebrity sings it, it’s just thrilling to me. That’s neat. I loved Bill Murray doing it; Tom Hanks used to imitate elec- tronic drums in that one version of the song. Paul McCartney doing a rendition in 1989 … I’m not sure I can describe that because I’m a huge Beatles fan, and it’s just a wonderful connection. I couldn’t possibly be more grateful to Entertainment Tonight . It definitely put my kids through college!

knew that they were from Ms. Winfrey. I just burst into the ugliest cry I could have ever had. They were from Oprah, you know, congratulating me on the promotion and, you know, just giving me a really sweet note of affirmation that she has been pouring into me for years.

after the news and it was like … you could just take a breath and say, “You know what, I know we’re going to hell in a handbasket, but can I just have a little bit of fun and kind of relax?” And not to minimize what was going on in the world, we were still paying attention to that. But through crazy times, Entertainment Tonight has been and always will be there for you. It’s a breath of fresh air.

What was it like celebrating your 40th- anniversary season during a global pandemic? NT: Even though nobody knew what the next day would bring, we never missed a beat. We never missed a show. We never let our audience down. We just stood strong and we figured it out.

KF: The nightly news was so depressing, things were so heavy, and we came on

“I’ll pick up the pieces somehow, and I will be back.” — ANNA NICOLE SMITH ,

WILLIAM & KATE —Nancy O’Dell and Mary Hart cover the royal wedding with 25 producers and seven camera crews 2011

nine days before her accidental overdose 2007

“You’re gonna burn in hell, you little (expletive).” —Joey Buttafuoco, reuniting with “Long Island Lolita” AMY FISHER 15 years after their affair 2006


“My one true love, the father of my

Octomom NADYA SULEMAN , the day she brought her babies home 2009

children.” — MARY KAY LETOURNEAU , marrying VILI FUALAAU eight years after the teacher was sent to prison for having a sexual relationship with the then-12-year-old

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