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phone if I did that! NT: Maybe I’ll make it mine!

Why do you think ET has resonated with so many viewers over four decades? KF: It was the first. People thought it would be ridiculous to have a show every day and talk about entertainment like that. But then you’ve seen so many iconic stars and iconic moments on ET . And so I think that it’s one of those legacy programs where you grew up watching with your grandmother or your mom and you watch now with your kids. We continue to deliver the gold standard of entertainment. The ET theme song … how many times a day does someone come up to you and hum those iconic six notes? NT: Well, I just had Joey McIntyre and Deb- bie Gibson sing it to me [on the show]! Usu- ally [it happens] when I’m in the airport. And once I get on the plane, one of the flight attendants would.

in March 2021, making you and Kevin the first Black duo in ET ’s 40-year history. Has that sunk in yet? NT: When the announcement happened, [Kevin] called me and I was very emotional and he got very emotional. And it meant the world to me because I really saw his heart and I knew that he had been fighting for me in so many ways, so it was like an affirmation for him as well. To have this

Kevin, you posted a throwback on social, a montage video of your first year there. As a newbie, you interviewed everyone with one name: Angelina, Whitney, Kobe, Oprah. What do you remember from your first season? KF: I’m used to the sports guys, going into

moment, to be the first Black team on that show, it really hits in a different way, because of the time and space we’re in and the challenges that we see in our community. Neither of us takes it lightly.

the locker room and talking to Shaq and Kobe. But all of a sud- den, Angelina is different. Brad Pitt is real different. Denzel [Washington] is very different. So that part was weirdly intimi- dating, but it was fun. And what I found is that people are peo-


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ple, so you have to always remember that. But yes, there have been a lot of awestruck moments for me.

And you two have such an infectious rap- port that radiates onscreen. KF: Nischelle is like my sister. NT: Kevin is the brother I never wanted! [ Laughs .] KF: We have so much fun, and we really can say anything to each other. So she will come out, have something to go on, and I’ll be like, “Oh, my God, I hate that.” Or she’ll be like, “What are you wearing, Paw Paw?” NT: I call him Paw Paw Frazier because in

Nischelle, you made history when you were named co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight

Be honest … have you ever made the ET theme your ringtone? KF: My family would literally smash my

“If the movie bombs or people, like, point at me and say, ‘It’s his fault,’ I don’t worry about that at all.” — EDDIE MURPHY





DREW BARRYMORE , 7, couldn’t stop chewing gum throughout her interview.

The Very First Episode

“You know you made it when ET is talking to ya!” — OPRAH WINFREY The talk show legend also loves the theme song: “That was genius because it’s in your head when you get up to pee.”

“Burt Reynolds, Brooke Shields, Elizabeth Taylor, just a few of the people you’ll meet tonight,” said Y&R star TOM HALLICK , who kicked off ET on September 14, 1981, with former Miss World MARJORIE WALLACE . Mary Hart joined eight months later.

REMEMBER WHEN? 40 years of ET , decades of milestones, quotables, and exclusives /



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