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A pescatarian lunch

NOON Reading scripts, building teams. Coming up in this business, I never saw people who look like me, so I hired them. Practicing law earlier in my career gave me the confidence to take risks and set parameters and ask for what I wanted. I remember calling USC

4:00 P.M. I don’t meditate or anything. I have conversations. A walk in Central Park with a friend. That’s my spiritual practice. 5:45 P.M. I’m in preproduction on a movie shoot- ing in Australia and just finished a net- work TV series pilot. I dabble in art collecting. Travel’s picking up again. I have an apartment in Portugal I like to get to. How do I get stuff done? No secret, really. I push through. That’s it. 7:00 P.M. I work late. If I’m honest, I’d say at some point I’d like to win a major award. I’ve been nomi- nated for Emmys and for an Oscar, but it would be nice to be acknowledged. 9:30 P.M. I go to a lot of events and dinners, particularly in NYC. But when I’m home, I’ll watch TV. I loved High on the Hog and Lupin on Netflix. Becoming Halston . But my comfort food is old TV. I have tapes of Mannix and Perry Mason . Those calm me right down. MIDNIGHT I have a core group of girlfriends and family I can text or call at any hour. We’ve known each other 30 years. We send each other articles, advice, jokes. No matter how many successes you have, at the end of the day, it�s your friends and family and those lasting connections that matter most.

and saying, “Look, you must have at least one great Black student I can bring on as an intern.” They gave me Shonda Rhimes, and I gave Shonda her first writing job. 1:00 P.M. If I’m not in production, I go out to lunch a lot. I’m a pescatarian, so I’ll have a salad, maybe with salmon, and catch up with businesspeople or friends. This year, when nobody really saw each other, priorities shifted for all of us. I certainly don’t want to pick up the frenetic pace the same way. Focusing on friends, on family, on people I like—that feels way more important than just run, run, run. 2:15 P.M. I’m on a few boards, so I Zoomwith them a lot. I chair the diversity and inclusion committee for the New York City Ballet. I’m on the board of Second Stage Theater and B&G Foods, my first corporate board. I think it’s important to use my experience and perspective to push for equal opportunities and inclusion. /




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