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Yasmine Al-Bustami’s Dallas Katy Trail Ice House

Welcome to the Lone Star State and bring your appetite. The NCIS: Hawai’i actress shows us around her hometown. BY MARIA NEUMAN

Kacey Musgraves

LISTEN TO SOME TUNES I love country music,


and my favorite spot is The Rustic in Uptown Dallas. It feels like a cozy cabin, but it’s massive. Inside is a great restaurant and outside is a good-size stage, as well as firepits and tons of room to hang out with friends. My favorite country musicians right now are Kane Brown, Kacey Musgraves, and Thomas Rhett. They all have a sense of humor.

BOOTS There are a ridiculous

number of cowboy boot stores in Dallas, but one of the biggest is Cavender’s .

Honestly, I didn’t know that it wasn’t commonplace to wear cowboy boots every day until I moved to L.A. [for work]. I have one pair I wear daily but four pairs total. I like them over skinny jeans, or with shorts or a dress. In Texas, people will even wear cowboy boots to a wedding. They’re considered dressy!

CHOWDOWN For BBQ, go to the Pecan Lodge , but get there early! The line starts an hour or two before it opens, and they only stay open until they sell out of meat since everything is cooked fresh daily. I get the brisket, and they do some amazing sides like fried okra. I once took a friend who was visiting from L.A., and he was about to order four ribs because he wasn’t used to Texas portions. The waiter told him to start with one, and when it arrived it was bigger than his face!

T HE SAYING THAT “EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas” clearly holds true when asking Yasmine Al-Bustami for Dallas recom- mendations. “People who aren’t from Texas don’t realize that a single portion of BBQ here is enough to feed a family of four anywhere else,” says the actress, who moved

with her own family from Abu Dhabi to the U.S. when she was a toddler. Currently this Texan is equally happy trading in her smoked brisket for a tropi- cal fruit smoothie as junior agent Lucy in the latest series from the NCIS fran- chise. “Aside from filming in paradise, Lucy is really interesting to me,” says Al-Bustami. “She’s an overachiever, but I could also see her going rogue down the line, and that’s exciting.” But for now, let’s enjoy Al-Bustami’s Southern hospitality, Dallas-style.

WATCH A GAME Of course, the Dallas Cowboys are a huge part of the city. No one is more excited for football than Texans. It’s on a whole other level. The AT&T Stadium is in Arlington, which is west of Dallas by about 30 minutes, and I’ve heard it’s so big it could fit the Statue of Liberty inside. It’s pretty easy to get tickets, and they have concerts there, too. I saw U2 and Muse a few years ago.

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