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Let’s start with the obvious. Do you believe in ghosts? McIver: I haven’t seen any Victorian children sitting at the foot of my bed, if that’s what you mean. But I’ve heard enough stories to won- der about, you know, quantum entanglement and all that. Ambudkar: Quantumwhat now? McIver: It’s something to do with two entangled particles interacting remotely, but that’s all I know. Look, you’re gonna have to ask Ein- stein. He called it spooky science, and quantum entanglement is the technical term for it. Ambudkar: Nobody told me there would be a quiz. I’ll just say I don’t believe in ghosts as malevolent spirits or lost souls. If anything, I believe in angels looking out for us, which means all my ghosts are good. McIver: Are you saying ghosts are angels that just haven’t been mar- keted as well? Ambudkar: Yes, kinda like squirrels versus hamsters. You only want one of them living inside your house, right? McIver: Hmm. Ambudkar: OK, so it’s a working theory. Ghosts is based on a popular British series of the same name. What are the challenges and advantages of that? McIver: Well, there’s a reason the BBC version is an absolute hit. It’s just so good! I watched the first couple episodes and completely love it, and there’s a bit of a built-in fan base. But I don’t plan on watching any more till we finish the season so that we can make it our own without feeling in the shadows of these giants. /




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