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Rebecca Wisocky She plays 1880s societywoman Hetty, who was oncemarried to a robber baron. Known for her socialite role on the Lifetime series Devious Maids , “Rebeccawalked in as her Ghosts character,”Wiseman says. “But while it looks like that’s who she is, it’s actually a ton of preparation on her part.”

Brandon Scott Jones Already an afterlife veteran from The Good Place , Jones once again roams the otherworld, this time as pompous Isaac, a 1700smilitiaman who died of dysentery. SaysWiseman: “If you’ve seen Brandon’smonologue in the Rebel Wilsonmovie Isn’t It Romantic , you’ll understandwhywe cast him. He’s a brilliant comedianwho can play serious, too.”

Sheila Carrasco As a 1960s love childwho died after shewandered onto the property froma nearbymusic festival, Flower brings a patchouli-scented spirit to themix. Comedian Carrasco “has a real connection to the part,” saysWiseman. “The morewe learn about Flower, themore Sheila brings things fromher personal life tomake it hilarious.”

Asher Grodman The ChicagoMed alum plays Trevor, a 1990s investment broker whose high-flying trading habits were matched only by his love for partyingwith B-list celebrities. “Trevor stands out immediately as the guy not wearing pants,” Port says. “Asher claims he’s not like his character, but his acting is so good, it’s hard to tell.”

Danielle Pinnock Best known as Sheldon’smath teacher on Young Sheldon , Pinnock here plays Alberta, a 1920s cabaret singer with a larger-than-afterlife personality. “She’s kind of the denmother of the group of ghosts,” says Port. “Alberta has big diva energy, but Danielle couldn’t be further from that in real life.” /

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