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Building! In the tense, final immunity challenge, Ben Driebergen appears home free when he carefully arranges blocks spelling out “Heroes Healers Hustlers” … until he realizes he placed the “U” upside down and futzes his creation attempting to fix it. Eating! The try-the-local- delicacy tradition starts in Borneo when the players race to swallow a bowl full of beetle larvae. Over the years they’ve also had to digest fish eyes, duck embryo, cow’s blood, and chicken hearts.


Edna Ma, Benjamin “Coach” Wade, and Albert Destrade

during the immunity challenge, “Pig Out”

Floating! For 11 hours and 55 minutes (a challenge record), Palau finalists TomWestman and Ian Rosenberger (pictured) hang on to a buoy to avoid being voted o in the penultimate Tribal Council. Finally, Ian steps down as a strange make-good promise to another tribemate.

Digging! Under the brutal sun of Koh Rong in Cambodia, the Survivors struggle for over an hour to unearth three bags of balls from a sandpit and toss them in holes. Three players drop from heat exhaustion—includ- ing Caleb Reynolds, who’s medically removed from the game via helicopter.

It’s a Tribe Swap! ( Africa )

OMG Moments

On Day 13, the tribes are instructed via tree mail to send three representatives to meet with Probst. Turns out each group is promptly sent over to live on the opposing beach in the first-ever tribe swap. It’s a Mutiny! ( Cook Islands ) High drama! Players are given 10 seconds to switch to the other tribe. Candice Woodcock jumps ship with three ticks to spare, fol- lowed by Jonathan Penner. The tribe they desert? Your final four. It’s a Lie! ( Pearl Islands ) During a family visit challenge, Jon Dalton

(aka “Jonny Fairplay”) is told by his pal Dan that his grandma has died. Cut to the post-challenge celebration, when Fairplay reveals that the two had concocted the lie in advance to amp up sympathy. It’s an Idol! ( Samoa ) It wasn’t always easy rooting for Russell Hantz—after all, the guy did throw his tribe- mates’ socks into a fire. But he does become the first player ever to find the hidden im-

munity idol on the island without the benefit of a clue. And he succeeds three times.

It’s a Tie! ( Ghost Island )

Wait, why is Probst reading the final votes right there at Tribal Council? Because of a first-ever deadlock between Domenick Abbate and Wendell Holland. Third-place finisher Laurel Johnson casts the deciding vote … for Wendell.

From left: Candice Woodcock; Russell Hantz; Domenick Abbate, Wendell Holland, and Kellyn Bechtold. Above: Jon Dalton




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