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The Tribe Has Spoken You don’t need your own torch to watch the sparks fly at Tribal Council. Remember these doozies? They Didn’t Start the Fire ( Cook Islands ) Becky Lee and Sundra Oakley take a mind-boggling 90 minutes to light a fire to earn the right to make it to the finals. Do note that the two are given flint, kindling, coconut husk, and matches . Becky “wins.” The Snake and the Rat ( Borneo ) In a monologue that will live on in small-screen infamy, Susan Hawk urges the jury to do as “Mother Nature intended it to be” by voting for Richard Hatch (i.e., a snake) instead of Kelly Wiglesworth (i.e., a rat). Five out of nine castaways oblige.

Erik Gets Bit ( Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites )

Hello, biggest blunder in show history! The all-female “black widow brigade” convinces sweet, naive Erik Reichenbach to bequeath his immunity necklace to Natalie Bolton to prove his worth. He’s then voted out unanimously. Mommie Nearest ( Blood vs. Water ) No hard feelings? Ciera Eastin joins her tribe alliance and votes o her blood, Laura Morett, midway through the season. At least she has the courtesy to write “mom” on the parchment with a frowny face. Sorry, Cirie ( Game Changers ) Fan favorite Cirie Fields is the first person to be ousted from the game without a single vote cast against her. How so? Because all five of her tribemates possess a form of immunity. She departs to a standing O.

Denise Dethrones Sandra ( Winners at War )

Leave it to a 49-year-old mild-mannered mom—that would be Denise Stapley—to fake a promise and pull o a master blindside against two-time champ Sandra Diaz-Twine during the all-winners season.




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