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What have you learned so far about science? MD: That it’s f---ing amazing. Also, if you stand barefoot in mud, it releases endorphins and makes you happy. I did not know that beforehand! So go play in some mud. Could you be a real CSI? MD: I could never, and I tip my hat to the real ones. I would not be able to deal with a dead body or blood or even the psychology be- hind why someone killed someone else. It would just freak me out. Even the smell of a corpse is apparently awful. I’d be sick every day. Share some intel about Jorja and Paula. MD: We don’t get too many scenes together, which is a shame. But when we do, it’s always fun. Jorja is so chill and lovely. Paula has great energy. It’s great to see strong and smart women on the show, especially black and brown women. It’s very important, and I’m happy the producers went in that direction.

saw him when I got to L.A. He was in the Four Seasons Hotel and I freaked the hell out. Outside of doing the show, that’s been my highlight here. Confess: What’s your craziest Vegas experience? MD: Oh god, I don’t have one! We spent three quick days there to shoot and it was my first time in the city. I didn’t think it was for me, but I don’t think I did it right. I didn’t gamble or go out and party. I just filmed and then had a lovely meal in the evening by myself! I feel like if I do Vegas, I need to do it the classy way, VIP all the way ! Ha-ha.

‹ Jorja Fox › How did you end up back on the show?!

JF: It’s like Groundhog Day , right? Sara had such a great ending, and I thought the book was closed for sure. Then, over a year ago, [executive producer] Jerry Bruckheimer reached out because the

20th anniversary of the show was coming up. He said, “What do you think of doing something for the anniver- sary?” Due to the pandemic, we didn’t get to do it last year. But better late than never. Did it feel strange to be back on the set? JF: It was like Alice in Wonderland in a very sci-fi sort of way. You know, when I first thought of doing the show, I wanted my comfort zone with the same group of actors and crew. Five years later, I’mwith all these phenomenal new people. I love this group, and we have such an interesting dynamic. What have you been up to over the past six years? JF: Well, in 2020 I probably saw more movies and TV shows than I have since I was in seventh grade and not allowed to go out! I was grateful for it. My life has been more behind the camera, working on documentaries than in front of it, so I’ve been able to blend right back in to just being another person walking the street in L.A. I will say that, before the pandemic, I was in Fiji—I was surprised the show is still playing every night there!

“It’s great to see strong and smart women on the show, espe- cially black and brown women. It’s very impor- tant, and I’m happy the producers went in that direction.” —MANDEEP DHILLON

Have you spent a lot of time together o set? MD: Oh, absolutely. Paula and I will go out and get lunch and dinner. We love Republique because they have amazing bread! So, among the three of you, who’s the rebel breaking some rules? MD: Well, rules are made to be broken. Maybe I’m the rebel! What’s your secret talent? MD: I’m a great rapper! I can freestyle rap like Chance the Rapper. I actually

And how has Sara changed? JF: Sara Sidle is definitely my all-time favorite character. I still don’t find her boring, which is kind of a miracle. Now there’s a lightness of being with her. When you travel the world to tropical places and work against climate change and mammal extinction, you’re in a pretty amazing place even though the work is challeng- ing. And she’s doing it with her husband, the man she loves. She comes back in a really good place. Just to confirm, she and Grissom are still married? JF: Yes, they’re still married! That’s something new. They’ve had this on-and-o love aair for 20 years, but we didn’t see it on screen that much.

CSI : VEGAS premieres Wednesday, Oct.6, at 10p.m. ET/PT onCBS and streamson Paramount+.

Left: Mandeep Dhillon, Paula Newsome, and Jorja Fox. Right: William Petersen and Jorja Fox /



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