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ZYLA’S TRICKS OF THE TRADE STREAMLINING COLLARS “For an over-the- shoulder shot, I lower the collar of a man’s jacket and remove the bump back there. The silhouette has to be perfect.” NARROWING SLEEVES “Designers cut clothes to accommodate a variety of arm sizes, but on someone very lean, there’s

Melody Thomas Scott in Talbot Runhof

Mishael Morgan in Black Halo

Hunter King in Haney

Sharon Case in Solace London

too much fabric. It’s distracting.” HEMMING DRESS SHIRTS “For men who wear their shirts untucked, we even out the hem and put slits in the

Sharon Case in Fame & Partners

side so that it looks like it’s designed to be worn that way.”

Y&R ’s jewelry drawers

“We’re creating the idealized version of what your neighbor would wear at the coffee shop down the street.”

THERE ARE NO REPEAT LOOKS “If they’ve worn a blue pencil skirt, you might spot it again, but with a different blouse or sweater. We never want to remind viewers of what happened when they wore it before,” he says. “We want the story to move forward.” HE FINDS THE PERFECT FIT Zyla’s goal for the clothes is heightened realism. “We’re creating the idealized ver- sion of what your neighbor would wear at

the coffee shop down the street,” he says. “We don’t want it to look good: We want it perfect. Idealized. Heightened.” In fact, 90% of the clothes worn on camera are tailored, he says. Why is it so important to be a per- fectionist? So no matter where the camera cuts, the actor will still look fantastic. “Our actors often tell me that they have a hard time shopping after being on the show because the clothes don’t fit perfectly like they’re used to,” he says.

BIGGEST FASHION EMERGENCY Earlier this year, a side zipper on Phyllis’ dress broke during the shoot. “The design was totally asymmetrical, so it wouldn’t stay up without the zipper,” he says. “Her side was completely open, and there was no way to fix it in time.” So they hid it the old- fashioned way—with props. In the scene, she’s holding an iPad under her arm over the gap. /




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