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pageantry of what we do is never lost on me. Never.

so many ways he’s like the Old Man to me. Kevin Frazier is very straitlaced and by-the- book. I have so many nicknames for him, like Milk Dud or Word Salad. We have a running joke on “Can Kevin get through a sentence without adding words to it?” On the outside, we give each other a lot of hell. But it’s always rooted in love. Kevin, when you were named anchor in 2014, what advice did Mary Hart give you? KF: What’s so funny is I always talk to Mary, all the time, from the first day I ever came on! There is no one in this business who can make a “turn” like Mary Hart. She can go from the happiest story to a sad story and do it so beautifully and easily. And that was one of the first things I tried to borrow from her—like, how do you do it? She is the queen. What’s been your favorite interview or moment? NT: The day that I got to meet and interview my namesake, Nichelle Nichols,

who was Uhura from Star Trek . That meant the world to me. KF: I’ll tell you one of the big moments of all time was at the Democratic National Convention, when Barack Obama was going to be named the presidential nomi- nee. My father was so emotional because he never thought he’d see something like this in his lifetime. And then we [inter- viewed] Oprah, and she said to me, “I cried my eyelashes off.” And this quote went [viral] around the world. But it was just such a genuine moment where she came out and literally her mascara had run and she was crying. You cried your eyes out. I’ll never forget that moment. Nischelle, you and Kevin both covered the NFL—and the Oscars are basically the Super Bowl of Hollywood. Does the red carpet excite you, terrify you, all of the above? NT: I still get butterflies in my stomach when we walk on the red carpet. I like the hustle and bustle of it, the glamour and beauty of it. The fact that we’re stuck in a little spot and can’t breathe, and the biggest celebrities in the world are coming to talk to us. All of that is electrifying to me. The

As a sideline reporter, you had to regur- gitate a bunch of random stats about ath- letes. What’s a random piece of trivia that you know about a celebrity? NT: Oh gosh, so much. Did you know that Brad Pitt left the University of Missouri Journalism School two credits short of graduating? I went to the same university, so we’re desperately trying to get him to come back and finish! At what point in your entertainment career did you realize you’d made it? Kevin, becom- ing pals with Prince has to rank up there. KF: And my wife is from Minnesota, so sit- ting at dinner in Prince’s house is crazy! I first met him at a party at his house in L.A. after the NAACP Image Awards—Oprah, Gayle, Stevie Wonder, everybody was there—and we struck up a friendship. So one night, Prince calls and says, “Hey, can you come over?” and I get there and he answers the door himself … in flip-flops! He said, “I just wanted you to look at my new website with me.” So we hung and had a little tech-y conversation, but every


“My real name is Brad Pitt … I was born with it. Yeah, I have big goals. I wouldn’t really prefer to voice them right now; I’d rather do them.” — BRAD PITT




“We’ll start working on it … right away!” — BILLY BOB THORNTON and ANGELINA JOLIE , on family plans 1990

makeup-ready before her first Grammys

“She’s a prostitute, ya know, essentially … Well, Mom, it’s a Disney movie!” — JULIA ROBERTS about Pretty Woman

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