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What It’s About: Over the past century, 4,400 people have vanished without a trace. Yet last night, inexplicably, they were all returned in an instant to Detroit without having aged a day, with no memory of what happened to them, and with a few … upgrades. These unwilling time travelers, collectively the 4400, must grapple with their impossible new reality as the government races to understand the phenomenon, analyze the potential threat, and contain the story. Who’s in It: Joseph David-Jones, Ireon Roach, Brittany Adebumola, Cory Jeacoma, TL Thompson, Jaye Ladymore, Derrick A. King, Khailah Johnson, Autumn Best, and Amarr Wooten WhyWe Love It: The series—starring future two- time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali—ran for four seasons on USA Network and ended with a cliffhanger! This time around, 4400 will focus on folks who were overlooked, undervalued, or otherwise marginalized.

Rose McIver

What It’s About: A couple of city slickers—sunny journalist Samantha (Rose McIver) and promising chef Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar)— throw caution and money to the wind when they inherit a beautiful but rundown country house and decide to turn it into a B&B. Only it’s already inhabited by guests— the many spirits of deceased residents who call it home. Who’s in It: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Danielle Pinnock, Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty, Asher

Grodman, Sheila Carrasco, Román Zaragoza, Devan Chandler Long, and Rebecca Wisocky WhyWe Love It: The original BBC Britcom it’s adapted fromwas critically acclaimed—and very funny. With its unique premise and cross-demographic appeal, Ghosts boasts breakout-hit potential. When It’s On: Ghosts airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/ PT on CBS .

Danielle Pinnock

When It’s On: 4400 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW .

Utkarsh Ambudkar


MONDAY 8–9 p.m. All American (The CW, Oct. 25) 8–8:30 p.m. The Neighborhood (CBS, Sept. 20) 8:30–9 p.m. Bob ♥ Abishola (CBS, Sept. 20) 9–10 p.m. NCIS (CBS, Sept. 20)

TUESDAY 8–9 p.m. FBI (CBS, Sept. 21)

WEDNESDAY 8–9 p.m. Survivor

THURSDAY 8–9 p.m. Walker ( The CW , Oct. 28) 8–8:30 p.m. Young Sheldon (CBS, Oct. 7) 8:30–9 p.m. United States of Al (CBS, Oct. 7)

FRIDAY 8–9 p.m. S.W.A.T. (CBS, Oct. 1)

SATURDAY 8–9 p.m. Whose Line Is It Anyway? ( The CW, Oct. 9 ) 9–10 p.m. World’s Funniest Animals ( The CW, Oct. 9 )

SUNDAY 8–9 p.m.

The Equalizer (CBS, Oct. 10) Legends of the Hidden Temple ( The CW , Oct. 10 ) 9–10 p.m. NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, Oct. 10)

(CBS, Sept. 22) DC’s Legends of Tomorrow ( The CW , Oct. 13) 9–10 p.m. Tough As Nails (CBS, Oct. 6)

9–10 p.m. FBI: International (CBS, Sept. 21) Riverdale (The CW, Nov. 16) 10–11 p.m. FBI: Most Wanted (CBS, Sept. 21)

10–11 p.m. 48 Hours (CBS, Sept. 18)

9–10 p.m. Magnum P.I. (CBS, Oct. 1) Nancy Drew ( The CW , Oct. 8 ) 10–11 p.m.

9–10 p.m. Legacies ( The CW , Oct. 14 ) 9–9:30 p.m. Ghosts (CBS, Oct. 7) 9:30–10 p.m. B Positive (CBS, Oct. 7) 10–11 p.m. Bull (CBS, Oct. 7)

Blue Bloods (CBS, Oct. 1)

10–11 p.m. SEAL Team (CBS, Oct. 10)

10–11 p.m. CSI: Vegas (CBS, Oct. 6)

10–11 p.m. NCIS: Hawai’i (CBS, Sept. 20)

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