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1 David Needleman has been capturing moments and communicating his subjects’ unique perspectives and personalities since graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. For Watch , he turned his lens on CBS’s morning show and The NFL Today ’s Nate Burleson (“Nate Expectations,” pg. 60). “Nate’s charm and energy was infectious,” says Needleman, who photographed Burleson in his home in New Jersey. “From the moment we arrived, he couldn’t have been more genuinely gracious and kind. I was endlessly impressed by his innate sense of style and ability to let it come through within each picture.” Needleman’s celebrity portraiture has appeared in L’Uomo Vogue , Vanity Fair, Out , WSJ Magazine , and more. He lives and works in NYC and Los Angeles.

2 Growing up in a small town in Georgia, new Watch assistant editor Michelle Darrisaw had access to only five channels: CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and PBS. “My love for CBS programming—particularly the daytime soaps and crime dramas—has continued to grow over the years,” she says, “so it’s a dream come true to join the Watch team! I get to geek out over TV, promoting the shows and cast members I love.” Darrisaw has written for Jezebel , Cooking Light , Southern Living , Essence , Oprah Daily, and was the in-house copywriter for Tidal music streaming service. She lives in Brooklyn.

3 Alex Bhattacharji discovered just how charismatic and easygoing Nate Burleson is off camera while profiling The NFL Today analyst and co-host of CBS’s morning show (“Nate Expectations,” pg. 60). “Interviewing Nate, who is such a polished media personality, was a little bit like journalistic judo,” says Bhattacharji. “He was able to predict my follow-up questions or pick up on my lines like I was kicking to a member of the same in-studio team. With Nate, it feels like football was a stop on the way to his real calling.” Bhattacharji is a contributing editor at WSJ. Magazine . The Los Angeles–based screenwriter and journalist has written for The New York Times , Men’s Health , Rolling Stone , Esquire , and other publications.

4 New York City–based entertainment journalist Mara Reinstein pulls double duty for Watch , profiling the cast of CBS’s sequel series CSI: Vegas (“What Happens in Vegas,” pg. 76) and Survivor host Jeff Probst (“Carrying the Torch,” pg. 82). When she’s not watching ’80s movies or interviewing celebrities for publications such as The Hollywood Reporter , The New York Times , Variety , Parade , and The Cut , Reinstein loves traveling. On her list of destinations are 16 set visits to Survivor filming locations across the world. Cue her excitement for the long-awaited Season 41. “[Jeff’s] passion for the show is the real deal, and he’s particularly excited about this new season, which takes the game in a new direction,” she says. “I can’t wait to watch!”

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