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Street Smarts Weights, a skateboard, and protein-packed meals keep S.W.A.T. ’s Alex Russell feeling fine. BY MARIA NEUMAN

WHaT alEX EaTS IN a Day

Breakfast: Bacon/turkey bacon, eggs and spinach, coffee

burning. It’ll typically start with five stations. For example, lunges with dumbbells, jump squats, jumping lunges, elbow- to-hands plank, and ball slams with a 15- or 20-lb. ball. We’ll do that circuit five or six times. Then we finish with another circuit, but with fewer exer- cises. It’s not my favorite day.

W HEN ALEX RUSSELL WAS 15, HE HIT A WORK- out crossroads. “I got cast as Cosmo Brown in Singin’ in the Rain and had to learn to tap dance,” says the Australian actor. At the time, “I was skat- ing up at my school on a Saturday and attempting to kickflip a seven-stair. (For nonskaters, that’s rolling up to the top of the stairs, kickflipping, and landing at the bottom.) I probably tried it 30 times to no avail. The next day at musical rehearsal, I couldn’t dance. I couldn’t even walk without limping. I had to make a choice.”

Lunch: Salad with a generous portion of protein or a protein with vegetables, like steak and broccolini Dinner: Lean protein and vegetables with cauliflower rice or salmon and tuna sashimi

Day-Off Treats: I’m a foodie, but my number one weakness is a cocktail. I love making them. Love

become part of my lifestyle. He’s also taught me that my body is capable of more—more exercises in a workout, higher weight, more sets, more reps, less rest. ADD HIGH INTENSITY. We mix in a couple of high-intensity days a week for cardio and fat “My diet is focused on not spiking my blood sugar.”

While his footwork and act- ing skills set him up perfectly for the role of wise-cracking Jim Street in S.W.A.T. , it was his switched-up gym sessions with Hollywood trainer Paolo Mascitti that took his physique to the next level. Here’s how he did it. BE CONSISTENT. Traditionally, I’m a man of extremes. Before I met Paolo, I’d be working out night and day for a role, follow- ing crazy diets, etc. Then, when filming was finished, my disci- pline would go out the window. With Paolo I’ve become more balanced. Consistency in my workout and cleaner eating have

FOCUS ON FUN. I still love skateboarding, though I stick to the less dangerous tricks

the process, the presentation. I’m most proud of my whiskey sours.

these days. I like to keep

it simple: I skate in my driveway, practicing flip tricks. I’m thinking about building a little ramp. BE CARB-CONSCIOUS. My diet is focused on not spik- ing my blood sugar. So, low-carb, low glycemic load (GL) foods only. That’s why my cheat days consist of pasta, bread, and pastries!





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