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New York City

7:00 A.M. After all these months at home, I definitely need an alarm to get me up and out. I usually pretend my iPhone didn’t just ring so I can linger in bed a fewminutes. I don’t do breakfast. If I’m in New York, I’ll go to the gym in my building. In L.A., I’ll work out in my garage with the treadmill and weights. 8:30 A.M. My driver comes to me. Most days I’ll divide my time between my office and Zoom meet- ings and being on set of The Equalizer . Queen Latifah and I met 25 years ago, but she’s very much the same person: honest, down to earth, funny. One difference is she has security now! 10:00 A.M. I’ll usually have a green juice with pea protein powder and collagen, take some Bs, have a banana. That gets me through. 11:15 A.M. Things are changing, and I think for the better. I tried for 25 years to make a TV show like The Equalizer , with a Black woman who kicks ass. I tried it with Whitney Houston. I tried it with a pilot called Get Christie Love that did not go forward. But I guess I was ahead of my time because now people realize a smart Black woman today can go places nobody else can—to the fanciest party on Fifth Avenue or to a rib shack on Crenshaw—and fit in, and that’s what [Latifah’s] character does on The Equalizer .

24 HoursWith . . . Debra Martin Chase

The first Black woman to produce a $100million blockbuster (1996’s Courage Under Fire ) and land an overall deal at amajor studio (she currently has a deal with Universal Television), executive producer DebraMartin Chase is the powerhouse behind the Queen Latifah drama The Equalizer . Here’s a look inside the world of a

Hollywood trailblazer. BY DAVID HOCHMAN

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