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Team Spirit Who’s who in the Ghosts ensemble

Román Zaragoza Stumptown actor Zaragoza plays Sasappis, a snarky Native American whomostly rolls his eyes at his fellow specters. “We consider him the Chandler of the group,” says executive producer JoeWiseman. “He’s got this brilliant, biting sarcasm, and he’s very over this whole ghost thing.”

Devan Chandler Long At nearly 6-foot-5, it’s hard tomiss the former DoomPatrol star, who portrays the hulking Viking and neat freak Thorfinn. “What’s funny is that Devan’s brother is actually the tall one in the family,” says Port. “At home they call Devan ‘Tiny.’”

Richie Moriarty The actor from What We Do in the Shadows and The Tick portrays Reagan-era scout troop leader Pete, the self-appointed activities director around the house. “Pete’s the unfortunate onewho spends eternitywith an arrow stuck through his neck,” says executive producer Joe Port, “but let’s just say Richie is killer funny in spite of those challenges.”





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