WATCH Magazine: December 2022: Amanda Warren


“I’ve been working since I was a kid, shoveling snow, raking leaves, or washing cars. To do this job, you must be a worker.”

Is that what you attribute your longevity to in the business? Absolutely. I think the problem is that a lot of actors can only be themselves. I think it’s important to show range. You can’t just be the one guy. That’s my personal feeling. Which role do people want to talk to you about when they see you? Because I’ve had a long career, they’re all over the place. Now it’s generations of people who want to talk to me about something I either did in a movie or on a TV show. Were FBI: Most Wanted fans tough on you when you joined the show last season? It was an interesting challenge because I knew that the audience had fallen in love with another char- acter who was tragically killed. I saw some rum- blings online. People were skeptical. But I liked that

I could come in and not be sure that people would be rooting for me. I approached it as a mathemati- cal problem and thought about how I could solve it. I decided to hit the ground running. And that first episode was so fun and great that I thought, “Okay, we’re in.” Has the reaction shifted since your first episode? Yes, absolutely. All those people who were like, “I can never accept him!” are pretty much gone. People are funny. But I take it all as a compliment. Well, the whole FBI universe is a juggernaut even though the shows cover dark subject matter. Why do you think it’s so successful? And Most Wanted is the most violent because we’re after the worst of the worst. But I think it’s comfort- ing to know that people are out there creating justice to [combat] all this evil. To do it all in 42 minutes is very satisfying—it makes the world a little bit

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