WATCH Magazine: October 2022: Ghosts


Sasappis: His strengths include his bravery, honesty, storytelling skills, loyalty, and heart. His flaws include being too honest, often rude, very sarcastic, insecure, resentful, and at times destructive. My costume: I am so grateful for the thought and care our amazing costume designer, Carmen Alie, put into creating Sasappis’ outfit. She engaged with our amazing Lenape consultant, Joe Baker, to create a respectful outfit. Favorite Season 1 moment: Getting to have my real dad, Gregory Zaragoza, play Sasappis’ father in the episode “Ghostwriter” was a dream come true. I would like to haunt …: Bruno Mars’ house, because the music would give my death life.

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Captain Isaac Higgintoot: There’s a line in the first half of the season where Isaac admits to not having been at the Boston Tea Party but rather a tea party, in Boston, at his aunt’s house. To me, that’s his character: one step to the side of history. Strengths and weaknesses: Isaac’s biggest strength is his ability to talk; he’s very verbose and loves hearing himself speak. That’s also his biggest flaw because it often gets him into trouble. My costume: My favorite thing is the frilly cuffs made of lace. My least favorite thing is the pants, which have precisely 19,000 buttons that must be undone to go to the bathroom. Favorite Season 1 moment: The episode “Thorapy,” because I think the concept of Thorfinn being friends with a squirrel is A+. I would like to haunt …: The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon so I could watch tennis for the rest of time. Or Beyoncé’s house, because I need to know what goes on in there.

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