WATCH Magazine: October 2022: Ghosts

DEATH BECOMES THEM Meet the estate’s eight most dearly beloved decedents, in order of their demise.

Thorfinn: My character’s mission is to always have everyone like him and want him around, because he hates being alone. Lots of abandonment issues for Thor. Strengths and weaknesses: Thorfinn is honorable, capable, can fashion a drinking horn from anything in under three minutes, and can communicate with animals. His flaws are that he will, on occasion, eat his friends. My costume: I love all my little fanny packs and satchels that I use to carry secret snacks around set with. I would like a giant fur cape. Capes are rad—who doesn’t want a cape? Favorite Season 1 moment: Sas and Thor, when they were watching the TV show It’s Getting Hot in Here in the episode “Pete’s Wife.” I’ve gotten into many a spat with my family about show-watching etiquette and what determines if a show has to be watched together, categorized as “Our Show.” I would like to haunt …: Autzen Stadium, where the Oregon Ducks play. I played football there in college, and I loved pranking the guys in the locker room. I’d definitely be haunting the hell out of all the players.

Ermenegildo Zegna suit,

Etro shirt, Magnanni shoes

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