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Farr and Beyond

an easy go over Drake’s Passage. (Look it up! It will make or break the trip for you.) My biggest indul- gence is buying for the trip. ON-SET BEAUTY TIP YOU USE OFF- SET? Put product in your hair. Put more in. TV hair looks so good because the hair department is not afraid to put on product. To smooth, separate, shine. It’s the biggest truth I’ve learned in 25 years of working.

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Fire Country ’s Diane Farr shares her hottest faves.

school told me to take care of my sunspots now or be doomed later. We were not close friends. Nor did I ask for this opinion. So I could either tell every mother at school that this woman was not cool to other females or I could do exactly what she said. I did the latter. Since then I use a vitamin C moistur- izer every day and a cream at night to even out my skin tone.

FAVORITE DESIGNER: Lafayette 148 NY. Everything they make is elegant, and I can dress it up or down with shoes/hair/bag. MOST BELOVED BEAUTY PRODUCT: Bath salts. No kidding. I have had to teach myself to use a lot. Every time. It makes me feel worth it. Fancy … and what am I saving it for? EVERYDAY BAG: A friend gifted me a bag that costs more than I would ever spend. She gave it to me for the big birthday . The deal was I have to use it every day. Because it feels like it should be on a shelf. Behind glass. Possibly with an alarm on the glass. This is a female friend I went to college with. There was not a string attached other than my enjoying it every day. And I do: It’s a Birkin.

COLOR YOU LOVE TO WEAR: All except neon. I’m from Long Island and I grew up in the ’80s. Never again. HEELS, PLATFORMS, OR FLATS? Who can still wear heels after the pandemic? C’mon now. My favorite shoe is a square- heeled boot. Not too high, and the heavier the better to make me feel grounded.

MAKEUP THAT’S ALWAYS IN YOUR BAG: Lip balm. So underrated.

FAVORITE JEANS: Paige jeans. They have a cut for everybody.

WORKOUT ROUTINE AND WORKOUT CLOTHES YOU’RE LOVING: I do Pilates and I am loving some leggings from Athleta! Who knew?

SIGNATURE SCENT: Whatever I cooked last night, and because of this I cut garlic and onion with dishwashing gloves on.

LEADING LIP COLOR: The one my mother gave me. Genetically.

VACATION SPOT: I’m going to

Antarctica next year. It is the last continent left for me to see. I’m hoping for

SKIN-CARE REGIMEN: I’m not a product fiend. But at around age 47, a mother at my kids’ elementary /




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