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One for the Road

“Playlists make me nervous. The pressure!” says Vanessa Ray . Instead, the Blue Bloods star showcases her musical theater background, sharing meaningful tunes she played during some recent road trips.

exciting and romantic. This whole piece is like a good- versus-evil showdown.” “Bitter Sweet Symphony” by The Verve “The way this song eases in … makes me feel like I’m driving in my high school best friend’s VW bug.” “No Scrubs” by TLC “It’s important to listen to the 3:38-minute version of this song with the complete Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes rap. Otherwise, I’ll need you to get out of my car.”

“Prologue” from West Side Story (2021) “Gustavo Dudamel is the genius conductor at the LA Philharmonic. His take on Leonard Bernstein’s iconic material is imaginative and unique.”

after listening to this album, chances are you’ll become one. The storytelling is stunning. This whole album is ‘chef’s kiss.’”

“Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman’s score is perfection. This song is a real #jamko favorite and has been used to get us pumped up before scenes.”

I had never heard or seen Falsettos . It’s such a beautiful story of love and friendships and modern families. On a recent road trip up to Portland, my husband introduced it to me. The final song came on when we were pulling up to my parents’ house. We were both in tears and needed to sit in silence for a bit before getting ourselves together to go inside. All of the songs on this list make me think of so many people I love, and this song sums it up perfectly: What would I do if you had not been my friend … thanks for that one, [composer] Bill Finn.”

“Drift Away”

“Riverside” by Kirk Franklin

by Dobie Gray “My husband’s band, The Modern Gentlemen, recently did a cover of this song, and I was moved again by how a simple notion of getting lost in the music we love can be the healing we all just might need.”

“Talk Show Host”

“You’re not on a road trip with me if this gospel song isn’t played multiple times. Fun fact: A love of worship music is what bonded me and [co-star] Donnie Wahlberg.” “The Last Great American Dynasty” by Taylor Swift “You don’t have to be a Swiftie to love this song, but

by Radiohead “I didn’t mean to make this a Romeo + Juliet play-by- play, but can’t you just see Leonardo DiCaprio brooding around ‘Verona Beach’?” “Overture” / “A Prisoner of the Crusades” from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves “Michael Kamen’s score is

“What Would I Do?”

from Falsettos “Story time: Though I’m the resident musical theater dork in my family,

“The Kiss” from The Last of the Mohicans

Robin Hood

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