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24 Hours With . . . Charles Davis

How the NFL on CBS analyst gets ready for game day (Hint: A Peloton, podcasts, and a pack of really cute pups are involved.) BY DAVID HOCHMAN

OOTBALL ISN’T MERELY A JOB for Charles Davis. It’s who he is, what gets him up, how he eats. The game analyst for the NFL on


CBS, who teams with play-by-play announcer Ian Eagle, is a University of Tennessee Hall of Famer, hav- ing distinguished himself there as a defensive back while earning a master’s degree in history. Today Davis lives in Orlando with his wife, Lisa, and a happy pack of golden retrievers. Come game day, however, some- body else is going to have to walk those pups. 6:00A.M. During football season, the alarm goes off at 6, 5,

or even 4 a.m. and the studying begins. For me, every week is like midterms or finals. I’m

reading about NFL history, rule changes, stats, coaches, and, of course, the players. One thing I learned in my years covering col- lege football is that every person on the field is someone’s family member. For the sake of their mom or cousin or daughter, you’d better pronounce that name correctly! 7:30A.M. We were part of the pandemic Peloton craze, and I admit I fell off track a bit. But I’m back on it. It’s no longer just a clothes hanger. The vanity of being on TV is the world’s greatest motivator. 8:00A.M. I’ve had trainers scream at me for years about it, but I don’t eat breakfast. I’ll usually just grab some kind of protein bar to get me through. 10:00 A.M. I like getting to the stadium around three

hours before kickoff. To clear my head, I’ll listen to podcasts unrelated to sports. My daughter, Taylor, 28, and son, Parker, 24, tell

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