WATCH Magazine: December 2022: Wilmer Valderrama


WV Entertainment, founded in 2006; a management company, Allied Management Group, launched in 2022, which focuses on amplifying Latino voices across traditional and digital media; a new partner- ship with iHeartMedia to cultivate intellectual prop- erty in the podcast space; an apparel line designed to benefit veterans; and a book project he’s mum about for now. “When I realized that there were not enough des- tinations in this industry to develop, to empower, to cultivate, and to mentor the next generation of lead- ers, it became, ‘How can we build a well-rounded ecosystem that can answer the right questions but also create solutions?’ So my production company started doing that. Allied will be a company that bridges the gap for Latin American talent, and we’re only going to represent people behind the scenes: writers, directors, producers, and showrunners.” Then there’s the game changer on the horizon:

He’ll be portraying the swashbuckling masked hero Zorro in a live-action series for Disney. It’s a mas- sive role for many reasons, not least for its physical demands. The action and stunts are so intense, he’s in pre-pre- pre -training at the moment—condition- ing to stabilize his muscles and joints before mov- ing on to “building a foundation and a frame that can get beaten up.” After that it’s shredding and sculpting (“I’m gonna get a little beefy,” he prom- ises), and then of course a ton of mixed martial arts, sword fighting, and stunts—even flamenco dancing and singing. More exciting for him, though, is what the show has to show the world and what it has to say. Zorro will be set in 1800s Spanish California, allowing all who watch to get a glimpse into the rich blend of Mexican and Spanish cultures that thrived in the same place he now lives and works. It will mark a kind of full-circle moment for Valderrama: an apex

Dolce and Gabbana suit and shoes, Canali

shirt, Tom Ford pocket square, Falke socks



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