WATCH Magazine: December 2022: Dylan McDermott

“ A thumb ring my husband had made for me. It’s a little band with diamonds, and it has my kids’ birthstones.” —Alana De La Garza, FBI

“I’m bad at buying gifts for myself. I get nervous, start to sweat, and walk out of the store. Once there was this cool guitar that I did just that for. But when I decided to buy it and returned to the store, it was gone. Some- body had bought it. A week later I discovered that somebody was my wife when she gave me the guitar for Christmas.” —Jeremy Sisto, FBI

Alana De La Garza

Jeremy Sisto

“About 10–15 years ago, I got a Kindle from my grandmother. It was to get me to start reading. I didn’t use it immediately, but recently I opened it back up; the battery wouldn’t last more than two minutes, so I thought, ‘Well, this is an opportunity.’ I bought a new one and now I’m about eight books in. I’m reading a lot

Ruben Santiago-Hudson

“One year my wife gave me a recliner . I lay straight out and sleep like I’m in first class on JetBlue.” —Ruben Santiago-Hudson, East New York

more . That’s definitely the best gift I’ve ever received.” —Zeeko Zaki, FBI

Zeeko Zaki

Keisha Castle-Hughes

“I surprised my older daughter with her first bicycle . The look on her face gave me the best feeling in the world, and I’ll never forget it.” —Keisha Castle-Hughes, FBI: Most Wanted

“The best gift I have ever received was a trip to Italy . Why? Are you kidding!” —Elizabeth Rodriguez, East New York

Elizabeth Rodriguez /


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