WATCH Magazine: December 2022: Dylan McDermott

Olivia Luccardi

“When I was 6 years old, I got a bag of Kingsford coal and a note from Santa saying I had one month to redeem myself because I had been a little brat. I did redeem myself, and I got the American Girl Doll Josefina . I was always nice after that.” —Olivia Luccardi, East New York

Max Thieriot

“ Seeing the smile on my little dudes’ faces when they open a present, watching their excitement and wonder around the holidays, that’s the best gift. The twinkle in their eyes is real.” —Max Thieriot, Fire Country

Roxy Sternberg

“There were four kids in my family, and we would always get a big group gift on night one [of Hanukkah ]. One year we got a big foosball table in our basement. I have no idea how my parents got this thing down [the stairs] without us knowing because the basement was our playroom and we were always there. So we were not only excited we had this foosball table but also amazed they got it past us!” —Skylar Astin, So Help Me Todd “ Any sort of spa treatment : I do love a massage or spa day. Also, being with my family and surrounded by love— that you can’t put a price on.” —Roxy Sternberg, FBI: Most Wanted

Skylar Astin



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