WATCH Magazine: December 2022: Dylan McDermott


“Finally, 10 years later, it presented itself and I wore it. I don’t even remember the occasion, only that I felt that I was ready. You have to be ready for the special moments in your life.” McDermott applied a similar approach when he was asked to join the hit drama FBI: Most Wanted last spring as the Fugitive Task Force’s new leader. At the time, the actor had just wrapped a memorable turn as a nefarious crime boss on Law & Order: Organized Crime . (Both Dick Wolf–created series are set in the same gritty Manhattan universe.) He instinctively decided to shed his sinister skin and try a steely sin- cerity on for size. “I’ve been playing a lot of questionable bad guys and didn’t want to overstay my welcome,” he says. “It’s easy to get caught up in that world because peo- ple will stop accepting you as anybody else. So I like to mix it up, and playing Remy helps me do that.” Indeed, McDermott says he’s settled into the role of street-smart Supervising Special Agent Remy Scott. Since first arriving on the scene—with a bag of warm bagels for his co-workers!—in the aftermath of the murder of Julian McMahon’s Jess LaCroix, the honcho has already helped take down numer- ous criminals (including a Russian oligarch in the Season 3 finale). His character also dropped details of his personal life, sharing that the murder of his brother led him to a career in law enforcement. Viewers will see more of Remy’s dynamic with his sister and Alzheimer’s-ailing mom in Season 4, as well as gain insight into previous broken relation- ships. “He has some demons,” says McDermott. “I think there’s a reason he works so much.” McDermott himself has been working in the busi- ness for almost 40 years. (That would make him a very youthful-looking age 60 at the time of this interview, by the way.) Although the Connecticut native—and dad to Collette, 26, and Charlotte, 17— started his career with a steady stream of films, he’s been a TV force since 1997, thanks to his starring role in the courtroom drama The Practice . Since leav- ing the Emmy-winning show in 2004, he’s appeared in dozens of films and TV series, such as the Ameri- can Horror Story anthology and last year’s hit biopic King Richard . Now he’s committed to FBI: Most Wanted —and not just because the series has already been picked up through Season 5. “We have all the components to go for a very long time,” he says.

Picture Dylan McDermott in a crisp suit at his CBS Watch photo shoot on this late-summer afternoon in New York City. Upon the photographer’s request, he takes off a blazer—revealing a rugged arm cov- ered in tattoos—and casually drapes it over his shoulder. Then, with the utmost confidence, he struts toward the camera to the booming sounds of a Beyoncé classic. The stylish cool seems to come naturally. So it’s a bit of a surprise when he later admits that he was just playing a suave character in the pics. In fact, he starts this interview with an amusing anecdote involving Calvin Klein and a red leather, sparkly, “total badass” jacket. “Calvin Klein gave it to me, and it sat in my closet forever ,” McDermott recalls in between bites of a salad with grilled chicken.

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