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Suit by Bite Studio, jewelry by Pawn Shop

CSI: Vegas ’ Mandeep Dhillon on scents, serious skin care, and s’mores

Winning Style

YOUR STYLE: Sometimes I’m really in my male energy vibe, so I wear oversized jeans and a crop top with a baggy jacket or shirt and trainers or heels. Some days I wake up feeling all female energy and put a dress on or a skirt-and-top combo. Sometimes I’m a happy medium. FAVORITE FASHION DESIGNER: Prada, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, YSL ... the list goes on. MOST BELOVED BEAUTY PRODUCT: Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream is my GO-TO! It makes my skin look so dewy and fresh. Makes you glow. EVERYDAY BAG: My Louis Vuitton bum bag (Americans call it a fanny pack, but I refuse to). Everything is so easily acces- sible, and the size is perfect. MUST-HAVE MAKEUP ITEM: Lipstick. If you feel like being a bit fancy, stick some lippy on and boom! You’re ready to rock.

FAVORITE PAIR OF JEANS: Levi’s all the way. I got some really nice baggy ones recently, and the fit is perfect. They look banging but are also comfy. SIGNATURE SCENT: I have so many, as I get angry when I can no longer smell them. My character on CSI: Vegas has her own scent, Louis Vuitton Coeur Battant. The others I rotate are Byredo, Le Labo, Bulgari, and Maison Francis Kurkdjian. HIDDEN HOBBY: My best friend and I often make up dances and take it so seri- ously. Once we were up till 5 a.m. learn- ing a routine from a Bollywood film. We smashed it. That’s on my Instagram. MOST-FREQUENTED HOTSPOT: I like hanging with pals at Soho House West Hollywood. It’s fun and the view is dope. HEELS, PLATFORMS, OR FLATS? I love heels. I can dance in them, too. “Drop it like a thotty,” in the words of Beyoncé.

WORKOUT ROUTINE: I try to do Barry’s Bootcamp twice a week, and then Soul- Cycle perhaps once or twice a month, and Pilates twice a week with an instruc- tor named Betsy Stewart. She has trans- formed my body. ESSENTIAL JEWELRY: I have a gold chain that my mum bought me for my 13th birthday. It makes me feel close to her, as she is back in the U.K. I have my favorite pair of Astrid and Miyu hoop earrings that I wear daily. I also wear three rings on each hand. Random, I know! SECRET VACATION SPOT: I love Jamaica. I took my mum to Sandals Negril just before I started shooting the second season of CSI: Vegas , and we had the best time ever. BIGGEST INDULGENCE: I don’t go crazy with sugar, but when it’s a holiday, like July Fourth or Labor Day, I eat as many s’mores as I want. I love them so much.



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