WATCH Magazine: December 2022: Dylan McDermott

Making News As Inside Edition celebrates its 35th anniversary, Deborah Norville is proud the show is “not just surviving—but thriving.” BY MARA REINSTEIN

D EBORAH NORVILLE DOESN’T ease into an early fall Monday. She barrels straight through. After monitoring the news all weekend—notably Hurricane Ian fast-approaching Florida—the Inside Edition anchor is currently in front of a computer screen and eyeing her daily rundown. She counts “at least a dozen” stories. She’ll soon ride from her home to New York City as she polishes her script and checks her phone for updates from a staff of correspondents, writers, and producers. By 3 p.m. ET sharp, she’s at her desk in the CBS News headquarters on West 57th Street, delivering a tight 30-minute episode to viewers across the country. Tomorrow the fun starts all over again. “We’re always excited about what the next thing is going to be,” Norville explains. “It’s a hard game out there, but, boy, we have fun being in it. I think that’s why we’re not just surviving—we’re thriving.” Let’s be more specific. Now in its mile- stone 35th season, Inside Edition is the top-rated syndicated newsmagazine in the country, with a weekly audience of



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