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“Five Characters in Search of an Exit” Season 3, Episode 14 Original airdate: Dec. 22, 1961 As the title suggests, five people—an Army major, a clown, a ballerina, a hobo, and a bagpiper—are all trapped in the same cylindrical room with no way out. They don’t know why or how they got there or how to escape their fate. You’ll anguish over every attempt they make to free themselves, right up until the ironic twist you’ll never see coming.


“The Hitch-Hiker” Season 1, Episode 16

Original airdate: Jan. 22, 1960 Nan Adams’ ( Inger Stevens ) cross-country trek quickly descends from a solo car trip to a nightmare on the open road. She repeatedly encounters a mysterious hitchhiker ( Leonard Strong ) who’s “going her way,” as obstacles (flat tire, stalled car) and doom unfurl at every turn. But it’s Nan’s tormented thoughts and the chilling train sequence that will stay with you long after Serling’s closing narration.


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