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“A Traveler” Season 1, Episode 4

Original airdate: April 18, 2019 Steven Yeun ’s performance as the convincing suit-wearing “Aggro Traveler” (named A. Traveler) recalls “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” from the original series. Analogous to the paranoia and fear stoked in that episode, here the wandering traveler turns a small Alaskan town upside down, pitting its residents against each other during Christmas Eve—all for the sake of pie and a pardon. Greg Kinnear also stars.



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“The Night of the Meek” Season 2, Episode 11 Original airdate: Dec. 23, 1960

“Just one Christmas, I’d like to see the meek inherit the earth.” With that drunken comment, life changes for Henry Corwin ( Art Carney ). After losing his job as a department store Santa Claus, despondent Henry gets his wish of helping the less fortunate with a garbage bag that can magically transform trash into treasure. It’s holiday-themed, but this episode is worth watching anytime of the year.


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