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In case anyone’s asking, what’s on your gift wish lists? ARMITAGE: I’m pretty weird. I’m into Rus- sian things. I love Russian candies and Rus- sian classical music and Russian pop music. I even learned a little Russian over the pan- demic. [ Starts singing loudly in Russian .] REVORD: Ummm, oka-a-y. Can I jump in here? I am a huge bookworm, so if I ever get a book, that makes me super happy. I love the Scythe series. It’s a dystopian future-type world. I started reading it, and I was like, “Nope, I am not putting this down.”

Any New Year’s resolutions? JORDAN: More time in Texas!

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REVORD: I’m trying to write a book of fantasy fiction. I want to finish that. ARMITAGE: My main resolution is to become a black belt in Tae Kwon Do— in case Master Gan is reading this. He’s my teacher.



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You three are very impressive! It was announced this year that Young Sheldon will remain on the air at least through 2024. Anything you’d like to see your characters get to do more of? REVORD: I’d love Missy to have more bonding time with Mary Cooper (Zoe Perry). They’re so sweet together. JORDAN: I’m excited to explore George Jr.’s entrepreneurial side. We know he grows up to own a tire shop. I want to see what gets him to that point. ARMITAGE: Oh, yikes. I guess I’d say more stunts. Sheldon is ridic- ulously smart with his mind but not so smart with his body. We did one scene where he fights with his own clone and gets dragged across a table and has a chalkboard smashed over his head. I’d love to do more stuff like that.

JORDAN: Honestly, you don’t need to get me anything . I don’t order stuff. I don’t want stuff. But I’ll tell you this: The best gift I ever got was sitting on my front porch one day. It was a box with a note saying, “Hey, I love your show,” and inside was an arcade machine. Not a big one. Kind of a medium-size one, and it had a bunch of different games on it, like Mario, and … what’s that one where the little round thing eats all the fruits?


Pac-Man? JORDAN: Yeah! That’s it! That’s on there. It’s so much fun.

Playing Favorites The Sheldon kids pick their No. 1 episode

“BIBLE CAMP AND A CHAR- IOT OF LOVE” (SEASON 4) “Anything involving a vehicle I love,


“JIU-JITSU, BUBBLE WRAP, AND YOU-HOO” (SEASON 1) “For some reason, I thought it was hilarious when Sheldon got bullied by a 6-year-old little girl. I’ve studied martial arts for over nine years, and I love the line where he says, ‘I’ve read a book on jiu-jitsu. And I’m prepared to throw it at you!’” —Armitage

“I love the episode where Miss Annie (Potts) and Miss Reba (McEntire) sing a karaoke duet of ‘Islands in the Stream.’ That was the best thing ever. The funniest part was watching Miss Reba sing badly, which was a very rare moment because she’s so talented at singing in real life. It really shows how great an actor she is.” —Revord

but this one was so funny. Georgie gets the van of his dreams. It’s got stinky blue shag carpeting on the inside, including on the ceiling, and a foldout couch. His dad calls it a motel on wheels. But I’m a car guy, so I could do a hundred episodes like these.” —Jordan


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