WATCH MAGAZINE_December 2021_Young Sheldon


home to Texas as much as I can, and if I did ever get too ahead of myself, my family would probably disown me. I still

wear clothes from Walmart. REVORD: Since I started acting, I’ve really, really tried to treat everyone I meet the way I want to be treated. I got that from my family, and I love that advice. Also, I have a gecko named Samuel, and I just look at him and go, “Yeah, life’s good.” ARMITAGE: Don’t get me wrong. We love our work. But for me, the most fun thing is playing at home with my friends and my little cousins. There’s nothing more normal than that. Tell us about some holiday traditions you’re looking forward to this year. ARMITAGE: I go to Georgia and stay at my grandma’s. She has 12 grandkids, so there are always like 60,000 people in the house. It’s a big, crazy, chaotic, silly, messy, fun holiday. We make cookies, we make gingerbread houses. We hang out, we wrap gifts, we play games, we sing, we run around. It’s completely awesome. REVORD: My family’s also in the Deep South, and we couldn’t go back last year, so I’m really looking forward to us all getting together again and eating those southern foods. JORDAN: Like peanut brittle? Because that’s what I’m look- ing forward to. My grandma makes it, and, gosh, I mean, there’s nothing better. Sugar rush!


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