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CLASS ACT: When they’re not filming, Revord and Armitage go to school on set. “Our teachers are awesome, and they like to throw holiday parties,” reports Revord.


“This is gonna sound crazy,” Montana Jordan, 18, says in his signature East Texas drawl. He plays the twins’ older, down-to- earth brother, Georgie. “I don’t really watch movies or TV. Can I also go with Home Alone and Elf ?” Whatever gets you through to New Year’s, right? The group of actors is chatting from different dressing rooms (and separate Zoom screens) due to pandemic protocols. But even social dis- tancing can’t dampen the fun-loving spirit that’s kept this trio giggling since the series premiered in 2017. Revord bangs on her dressing room wall, which gets Armitage, who’s next door, to scream—“Hey, I heard that! Stop it!”—which prompts Jordan, who’s down the hall, to whisper into his laptop, “See what I’m dealing with here?” CBS Watch spoke to Young Sheldon ’s young trio about the show’s smashing success and their holiday hopes and dreams.

You’re five seasons in. What’s it like looking back on the early seasons of Young Sheldon ? REVORD: Oh, it’s insane. We were so tiny back then. Montana sounds like a little baby compared to now. JORDAN: [ Puts on a deeper voice. ] Ha! I guess my voice has changed somewhat, hasn’t it! ARMITAGE: It’s just so funny watching us trying to nail these char- acters. It was all so new in the beginning. Now it’s old hat. I come in, get into costume, and I’m Sheldon. It’s that easy. REVORD: It doesn’t even feel like coming to work now. It’s more like I’m hanging out with my second family. How do you stay grounded when you’re on a hit show? JORDAN: I could give you a long answer, but the short answer would be: I’ve got a good family that keeps me in check. I go back


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