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Adam Rodriguez as Julian Diaz and Jessica Camacho as Maria

Winters in A Christmas Proposal

A CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL airs Dec. 12at 8:30p.m. ET/8p.m. PT onCBSand streams onParamount+

business proposition? JC: Let me put it this way: “An up-and- coming struggling chef and a hotshot lawyer work together to pull off a scheme that will benefit them both. Their plans become muddled, however, due to real feelings hiding underneath their carefully crafted facade.” Boom! Wow, that’s some elevator pitch. Sold! Were you already a rom-com aficionado, or did you have to pre- pare for the role by bingeing Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan flicks? JC: I mean, come on, ’90s rom-coms were so epic! They were everything. I was totally stoked to finally be able to play inside of one. Even though I wanted to dive into all of them, I really tried not to because I didn’t want to subcon- sciously bring remnants of those movies into this story. I really wanted to find our own organic chemistry, our own organic magic, and have this story be its own thing as much as possible. Well, what the world needs now is love, sweet love—especially after the 2020 we had! JC: That was actually such a big deal to me when I accepted the offer because I realize how important these holidays are for families who are finally able to gather—without as much fear as we had last year. It really meant a lot to me to be a part of a project like this after


Chef’sKiss Jessica Camacho cook up A Christmas Proposal with AdamRodriguez. BY NATE MILLADO W HILE EVERYONE was picking out Halloween cos- tumes and stocking up on trick-or-treat ridiculous socks. Setting cookies and carrots out on Christmas Eve for Santa and the reindeer. I’m a grown adult and I still love these things!” How apropos, then, that the yuletide-obsessed actress is starring in a brand-new holiday movie on CBS, co-starring CSI: Miami’ s Adam Rodriguez.

candy, Jessica Camacho was already counting down the days till Christmas. “I start getting amped in October, so by the time December rolls around, I’m in full-on holiday mode,” she says. “The hokey carols. Decorating the tree with my family. The silly pajamas with the

Tell us about A Christmas Proposal . This isn’t a proposal as we nor- mally know it, right, but more like a


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