WATCH Magazine: June 2022: Isabel May


PLOT: Come for the sparkling sun and surf, stay for the savvy of Jane Tennant, a soccer mom who is also the first female special agent in charge of NCIS Hawai‘i. Tenacious and smart, Tennant has risen through the ranks by pushing back against sexism in a system that has consistently pushed back against her. Along with her team of talented specialists, Tennant balances duty to family and country while investigating unsolved murders, kidnappings, and various mysteries around the Navy and Marines.

PLAYERS: Vanessa Lachey Jane Tennant, head honcho of NCIS Hawai‘i Noah Mills Jesse Boone, former big city homicide detective, expert interrogator, and Tennant’s sometimes confidant Yasmine Al-Bustami Lucy Tara, a junior member of Tennant’s team who does whatever it takes to get the job done Alex Tarrant Kai Holman, the new kid on the team and the only native Hawaiian Jason Antoon Ernie Malik, the resident cyber-intelligence expert

Zoom meetings. Dinner prep. Homework oversight. Lacrosse carpool. Life has a way of hijacking your ability to hunker down and binge-watch really good television. That’s where summer comes in. With (hopefully) less on your to-do list, and an air-conditioned family room calling your name, now’s the time to tune in to Paramount+ and catch up on CBS’s new and returning dramas, as well as its breakout comedy of the year. Here’s your guide to the must-stream shows of 2022.

FAVORITE SCENE: “It has to be during the series finale, for the sole reason that everyone was in one space together and it was literally a big ol’ party. It was a beautiful way to wrap up the year.” —Yasmine Al-Bustami


From left: Vanessa Lachey, Noah Mills, and Alex Tarrant put a stop to trouble in paradise on NCIS: Hawai‘i.


MAY/JUNE • 2022

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