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powers that be had been talking about a Pike show even before Sea- son 1 of Discovery . Thankfully, they never shared any of that with me, or I

New Worlds co-showrunner Henry Alonso Myers. “We asked ourselves a simple question: “If Gene Roddenberry were doing this show today, with a modern sensibility, modern budgets, and a modern approach to character, what would it be? This is not a reinvention. It’s a reimagining for today’s sensibility.” In other words, if the warp drive isn’t broke, why fix it? “The Original Series tapped into this magical formula,” says Romijn. “This show is all about embracing that Original Series tradition with its amazing mix of levity and horror, science and social issues, and just good, breezy fun. That’s exactly what we are shooting for here.” We sat down with Mount, Romijn, and Peck to talk about the enormity of taking on these legendary characters, the friend- ship among the three of them, and the surprises in store this season and beyond. “I’ve never had a response to my work like the one that I had after Discovery ,” says Mount. “I hope we can live up just a bit to audience expectations and the trust they have placed in us.” Did you have any idea that Strange New Worlds was in store for you after you finished these characters’ season-long arc during the second season of Discovery ? AM: There were no official plans for the show after that—at least that we knew about. I came to find out later that the

would not have known what to do with myself. I realized the other day that it’s three years ago this month that I first got the call where they said, “I think we got a show going.” Three years, my friend, three years … My life has changed in every conceiv- able way over that time. RR: I would like to think that when my character ordered a cheeseburger with habanero sauce during her first scene on Discovery , I knew I would be playing her for years to come. But that definitely was not the case. But there was a magical moment when Anson, Ethan, and I walked onto the Enterprise bridge set for the first time during Discovery , and we all had this intense physical reaction. We started to look around and say, “What is happening? They didn’t build this set just for a one- off, did they? Really? Would they do that?” We had no inkling of what was to come, but standing on the physical set of the Enterprise bridge, it started to all feel very possible. I turned to the guys and was like, I would do this. Would you do this? That was a magical moment. After that, you could really start to envision what was to come. EP: I had a recurring role on Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery , /

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