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On Mount: Sweater by BOSS. On Romijn: Dress by Balmain. On Peck: Tuxedo by Tom Ford at Harry Rosen, shirt by BOSS


T’S ONE OF THE BIGGEST WHAT-IFS IN SCI-FI HISTORY: What if the original Star Trek pilot episode shot in

1965 had been picked up instead of rejected? That episode, “The Cage,” starred Jeffrey Hunter as the dashing Cap- tain Pike, Majel Barrett (later Barrett-Roddenberry, after she married the series’ legendary creator, Gene Roddenberry) as his trusted Number One, and Leonard Nimoy as a Vulcan officer named Spock.

Rebecca Romijn, and Ethan Peck, respectively, the new adven- tures of these groundbreaking Federation originals quickly cap- tured the imagination of both longtime Trekkies and neophytes discovering the depth of the show’s mythology. Now this trio of adventurers—along with a crew of both new and familiar characters—is ready to boldly go where they should have gone more than a half century ago. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds premiered on Paramount+ Thurs- day, May 5, 2022, and its first 10-episode season is set to run through July 7. The second season began shooting this past January. “Our approach to this show was very classic,” explains Strange

While that episode (currently available on Paramount+) is now considered a classic, at the time executives found it too heady and demanded a new pilot. Star Trek: The Original Series and the adventures of Captain Kirk and his famous crew were born. Captain Pike and his cohort—save, of course, for Nimoy’s Spock, who would become one of the most indelible characters in television history—were consigned to Starfleet lore. That was until January 2019, when Pike, Number One (now named Una), and a deeply troubled Spock restarted their inter- galactic journey with a thrilling season-long arc on the Para- mount+ series Star Trek: Discovery . Played by Anson Mount,


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