WATCH Magazine: June 2022: Isabel May


Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn, and Ethan Peck photographed by Saty + Pratha at The Neighbourhood

in Toronto, Canada, in April 2022

New Frontiers

I F YOU EVER WANT TO QUESTION YOUR OWN BRAVERY, think about what it would be like to explore a place that very few people have ever seen before. There are those of us who delight in the discovery of the new and unknown. And then there are those of us who admire the people in that group but, when it comes down to it, feel a lot more comfortable staying at home where things are safer, thank you very much. I thought about this question a lot when I sat down to watch both of the shows featured on our covers this month. Whether it’s the new galaxies and characters Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn, and Ethan Peck discover in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds or the cattle thieves and Lakota who lie in wait for Isabel May and her family in 1883 , it takes an incredible amount of courage to even think about making those expeditions. The good news is that no matter which group you fall into, you can enjoy our stars’ journeys from the comfort of your couch and in the pages of this issue. Both “space, the final frontier” and the

actual frontier of Strange New Worlds and 1883 share a remarkable ability to transport you to new places and to make you care deeply about their characters. So—full transparency here—as someone who had to hide under a pillow during a certain rattlesnake encounter in 1883 and who gets mildly overwhelmed just thinking about the enormity of space, let me encourage you to go along for the ride with both of these incredible shows. They’re worth the trip. And for more summer fun, check out our guide to the best shows to catch up on this season, plus all the hot fashion, TV flash- backs, and your favorite stars’ family photos. Enjoy!

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