WATCH Magazine: June 2022: Star Trek

Matt Smith

“Supafly” Matt was a hip hop– loving hipster (and devout Catholic) who put himself through college as a web designer. Julie crushed on him, but he didn’t reciprocate—even though his natu- ral instinct was to protect her. Matt is the president and founder of smithHOUSE, a creative/digital agency in Phoenix, Arizona. He loves building things, gardening, and going to church. He and wife Candyce have six kids.

REAL WORLD HOMECOM- ING: NEW ORLEANS New episodes stream Wednesdays on Paramount+. . The original 23-episode season is also available to stream.

Tokyo Parker (aka David) The sensitive crooner (then known as David Broom) didn’t smoke, didn’t drink, worked out hardcore—but sure loved the ladies. He clashed with his roomies (especially Julie), and by the end alienated himself from just about every- one in the house. His ridiculously catchy slow jam, “Come on Be My Baby Tonight,” was so iconic that he was invited to reprise it on Chappelle’s Show in 2003. Dwee-dah- boo-dee-dah-boo-dah ! As the singing Chef Showtime, he hosted an innuendo- packed YouTube cooking show.

Jamie Murray

The cocky, career-minded entre- preneur loved Ayn Rand and hanging out with his “boys.” He flirted with both Melissa and Kelley, but nothing came of it. In 2001, Jamie was arrested for bungee-jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. He’s competed (and won) three seasons of The Challenge . He now lives in Illinois with his wife and twins.

Julie Stoffer

The wide-eyed Mormon student from Brigham Young University violated the school’s honor code by living with men and women. Despite her sheltered upbringing, she was fiercely independent and outspoken. Julie was kicked out of BYU shortly after filming her OG season, but married Mormon surgeon Spencer Rogers, with whom she has three kids. Much of Homecoming revolves around her “contro- versial past” with her former roomies.

Danny Roberts

Melissa Beck

Touted as the modern-day James Dean, Danny also happened to be gay— which left super-religious roomies Matt and Julie feeling conflicted. He dated an officer in the military at the height of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”; Paul’s face was blurred to protect his identity. Danny and a (blur-less) Paul appeared together in an MTV special. He eventually married (and divorced) Wes Pereria; together they co-parent daughter Naiya Sage. In 2018, Danny revealed that he was HIV-positive.

The “half-Black, half-Filipino Chris Rock” (her words) would do any- thing for a laugh—including stripping onstage. Melissa felt isolated because of her biracial background, and she often drowned her sorrows in booze (much to David’s chagrin). But she eventually found a creative outlet in acrylic painting. Starred alongside Chelsea Handler in a hidden-camera prank show called Girls Behaving Badly . The stay-at-home mom currently co-hosts the podcast Imperfect Strangers .

Kelley Wolf

The sassy sorority girl was a straight shooter. She spent most of her time in N’awlins with med student Peter but formed a lifelong bond with Danny. Kelley married Party of Five and Nancy Drew star Scott Wolf (and is a mom of three). She recently traveled through Belgium with one of her “first true loves,” former roomie Danny. /

MAY/JUNE • 2022

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