WATCH Magazine: June 2022: Star Trek

REBECCA WISOCKY (Victorian matriarch

Hetty) rescues dogs in need. She adopted Carlo in Puerto Rico and twins Primrose and

Tank at the start of the pandemic.

ASHER GRODMAN (finance bro Trevor aka “T-Money”) is an award- winning filmmaker who teaches acting at New York’s Hunter College and previously taught inmates at Rikers Island.

ROMÁN ZARAGOZA: (Native American Sasappis) is currently producing his senior thesis film, titled This Is Their Land , about the Modoc War of 1872–73. His impressive mission: to raise the voices of the oppressed and help build a geography of hope for marginalized people.

RICHIE MORIARTY: (Scout troop leader Pete) nerds out about lenses and f-stops. He spent eight years as an architectural photographer photograph- ing homes all over the Boston area.

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MAY/JUNE • 2022

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