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DANCE PARTY “Body” by Megan Thee Stallion & “Work” by Rihanna

SLOW DANCE “Touch Me” by Victoria Monét & “Alone with You” by Alina Baraz I am obsessed with slow jams. On “Touch Me,” Victoria Monét sets the mood oh so right with this beautiful R&B ballad. Her voice is like absolute butter guiding you to move with all the sensual intention. On “Alone with You,” Alina hypnotizes you with this steady yet powerful bop.

THE CLASSIC “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé

NEW WINNERS “FOMO” by Amber Mark & “Calm Down” by Rema I absolutely LOVE these two new BOPS! With “FOMO,” Amber sets a whole vibe that is just the perfect blend of everything I love about house music, not to mention I can most definitely relate to the lyrics. With “Calm Down,” Rema’s signature AfroRave style just sets the tone where the music literally speaks to my soul and I can’t help but to move and groove every time I listen to it. FAST DANCE “Malibu” by Kim Petras It’s the quintessential pop queen energy for me! Kim Petras delivers the ultimate up-tempo dance jam with this one. Giving ’80s pop vibez yet updated in the best way, this bangin’ bop demands that you DANCE!

PERSONAL FAVES “Frío” by Omar Apollo &

“Como Yo” by Christina Aguilera

Queen Bey has officially en- tered the chat, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This song literally changed my life, when I tell you I learned this choreo from the music video soooo fast, and I still hit the steps to this day whenever it comes on. It’s an absolute MUST, and of course absolutely ICONIC!

It’s Thee Stallion & Da Bad Gal, need I say more? But seriously, as Megan says, “The category is BODY!” so obviously this one gets EVERY SINGLE BODY movin’! And as for RiRi, “work work work work work” is what you absolutely must do to this song!

Although I may not speak Spanish fluently, both these songs get me moving from the second they start. With “Frío,” from the bass of the beat to the deep vocals, Omar literally gives you no other choice but to move all the way thru this jam. And as for Miss Xtina herself, “Como Yo” is the dance jam I never knew I needed, with beat drops and tempo changes galore! WALKING THE RUNWAY SONG “Just What They Want” by RuPaul She’s not a drag queen; she is the QUEEN OF DRAG, DARLING! And that’s exactly why whenever I need to serve Runway, only MamaRu will do! And as she says on the track: “You gotta give ’em just what they want!”


MIXTAPE | PLAY Happy Feet Dexter Mayfield, pro dancer and judge for Come Dance With Me , shares the tunes that keep him grooving.

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