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I ’VE ALWAYS HAD PLANTS BUT NEVER HAD THE space and climate for a garden until I moved to L.A. in 2019. There’s something about growing your own vegetables: understanding how they grow from seedling to full plant; understanding how hard it is to protect them from insects and animals. It gives you perspective when you’ve grown your own food instead of buying everything from the store. Gardening is my morning meditation routine. I take the dog out and sit by the garden with a coffee. Still, it’s a challenge keeping pests at bay, watering, and making sure your plants get enough sun. I’ve added a couple of varieties of flowers in the garden to keep away pests. To make your own garden, start small

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and stay persistent. Make sure you water it often and use good soil. If you make a mis- take, take the loss, learn from it, and keep moving. The end results—salad ingredients that are mostly from your own garden and taste amazing—are worth it.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

“Gardening is my morning meditation, ” says Dominic, showing off his backyard (and its bounty) in L.A.

The Young and the Restless ’ Sean Dominic perfects the art of getting your hands dirty.


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