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SHINE | IRRESISTIBLE Soap Dish Katherine Kelly Lang, The Bold and the Beautiful ’s Brooke since 1987, shares top-secret tips on how to avoid “cry-face.”

FAVORITE FASHION DESTINA- TION: I love to travel to Italy to see the new fashions every year. BEST STYLE INVESTMENT: Italian brand Benheart USA. My partner Dom Zoida and I opened the only U.S. location in Beverly Hills in 2019. The founder had a heart transplant 10 years ago and named his brand for the moment every- thing changed in his life: Ben Heart. PLAYLIST: Right now I’m revisit- ing all the classic rock: the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Pearl Jam. SHOE OR BAG LOVER? Both, but I have more shoes than bags. Mostly Gucci and Benheart. RULES ON MUST-HAVE STATE- MENT ACCESSORIES: I go by how I feel. Sometimes I like simplicity; sometimes I layer it up! STYLE SIGNATURE: Casual—jeans and T-shirts, free-flowing kaftans, or my workout clothes! Of course, I dress up when it’s called for. FAVORITE DESIGNER(S): Dolce & Gabbana; their designs are stun- ning and sexy. Gucci and Benheart, especially fitted leather jackets.

Overnight Cream in 50 is my go-to. If I don’t have that, I use Lancôme Absolue revitalizing and brightening soft cream. EVERYDAY BAG: The Benheart “Given” bag in the marrone color. It’s broken in so it has a vintage look and can be worn as a cross-body.

HAIR MVP: ShiKai hair condi- tioner—it’s gentle on my hair and leaves it shiny.

SKIN CARE REGIMEN: I put on my creams in the morning and my creams at night. Both on a fresh, clean face. A once-a-month facial and micro-needling is a must. TIP TO AVOID CRY-FACE: I have the best makeup team in the business on standby.

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MOST FREQUENTED HOTSPOT: The barn with my horses.

SECRET VACATION SPOT: The big island of Hawaii.

TOP INDULGENCE: My children.

STYLE RULE: Be true to you. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and pretty. Just because something is in style doesn’t mean it’s for you.

BEAUTY PRODUCT: Skinbetter Science creams. Intensive AlphaRet


MAY/JUNE • 2022

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