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Most beautiful car: Hardest one to answer for an auto racing guy, so many great choices! For me, the Porsche 911 has spanned generations, updated but unchanged. It’s timeless automotive beauty.


it is crisp, colorful, elegant. From the ivy-covered walls of Centre Court to the daily walk between the Club and Wimbledon Village, just wonderful. Most beautiful song: “Let It Be.” To me the greatest song ever, with such an uplift- ing message that never fails to pick me up when times are troubled.

The most beautiful moment in my life: My wife, Pam, and I got mar- ried on the beach—just the two of us. I was standing on the beach with the offici- ant waiting for her, and the moment she turned the corner into view was the most beauti- ful thing ever. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been: Wimbledon. Everything about

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