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I pamper myself by: Taking a bath every day no matter what. Baths can be like a form of meditation and a great excuse to close the door and hide from your family. Sometimes I pretend I’m taking a bath and I just sit in the empty bathtub, where I eat a snack and watch The Housewives on my phone.


Most beautiful song: “Move On” from Sunday in the Park with George . The title says it all. B eauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty ? Sleeping Beauty always. Everyone needs sleep, and Merryweather the fairy has always been my favorite char- acter because she reminds me of my grandma.

your love lines look even bet- ter.” Love lines are what she called wrinkles. I feel most beautiful when: I’m using my body to exercise, when I’m eating healthy foods, and when I’m laughing The most beautiful moment in my life: Giving birth. Giving birth to a new soul is magical.

I define beauty as: True beauty is the magic of love. When you truly love someone, it means you think their soul is beautiful. The most beautiful quote I’ve ever heard: My grandma always said, “Let your gray hair be free. It makes

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