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Sheryl Underwood Co-Host • The Talk

The most beautiful moment in my life was: When my father said he was proud of me, right before he died. Getting that pride and support from my father was the most beautiful moment of my life.

I feel most beautiful when: I accomplish something and when I’m influential. I like my natural beauty without makeup and wigs. But I feel just as beau- tiful when I’ve been in glam. God made everybody beautiful. It’s what you do with it. My beauty icon is: Glammaster Dell McDonald, who has spearheaded the evolu- tion of my look and makes me beautiful inside and out. He has made me a better person. I am in awe of his technical skills and his mastery of the mechan- ics of makeup artistry. I wish I had known himwhen I was younger, because all this beauty is middle-aged flyness! The most beautiful quote I’ve ever heard is: It’s frommy father: “You’re not


better than anybody, but nobody’s better than you.” Most beautiful car: I love Bentleys!

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