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wife, and knowing that we had a hand in that development, that growth, that becoming, that is beauty right there; that is my most beautiful moment to date. The most beautiful quote

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I define beauty as: The ageless old adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder runs deep and very true. For me, beauty can be anything from a look, a glance, a smile, a moment in time, to something deep and resonat- ing, something timeless and everlasting. Beauty can also be earned, developed over time. When I was a child, my mother grew hibiscus in our backyard, and to this day each time I see one of these beautiful flowers, it brings back memories of a time that has moved on. The flower brings back the memories of beauty itself, of moments, of time, of people I love. That, to me, encaptures the breadth of beauty. In turn, the more I spend time in a relationship with someone, the more that develops, the more I start to recognize, to see the beauty that lives inside that person, and from that moment on, the beauty of them only gets deeper. For example, I fell in love with my wife very quickly, and we have been together for some time. However, each and every day I find beauty in her I had not recognized or been aware of previously. Beauty is beauty; it is ever flowing. I pamper myself with: Self-care. That can be anything from a workout to a haircut, getting a manicure or a pedi- cure. Yes, I get a manicure and a pedicure—and I absolutely love it. Particularly when we

go as a family and we’re all seated next to each other—one of the simple joys of life! I grew up surrounded by women, and most of the significant influences in my life have been women, so it’s very easy for me to identify with the idea of taking care of oneself. My beauty icons are: I grew up around Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, and Karl Lagerfeld, so when I think of icons and beauty, I think of these, as individuals and collectively, as they have influ- enced the essence of beauty in such a significant manner. Both of my parents were fash- ion conscious and fashion forward. Looking good was important to both of them, and they had a large influence on me in that sense, so on a more personal note, I would consider my parents to be my beauty-awareness icons. Julian McMahon Actor • FBI: Most Wanted

I’ve ever heard: “I love you, Dad.”

I feel most beautiful when: I’m surrounded by people I love. When I have the opportunity to watch them laugh, give them a hug, or enjoy a conversation, that’s when I feel beauty at its deepest and most profound place.


The most beautiful moment in my life: My daughter had a sig- nificant birthday recently, and watching her with her friends,

the way she carries herself, who she’s become, in all her glory, all her beauty, seeing my

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